Spanish Numbers 11 to 20

Count from 11 to 20 in Spanish: Numbers Song and Lyrics

June 25, 2021

Dive into a fun and interactive lesson where you'll not only learn to count from 11 (once) to 20 (veinte) in Spanish but also get a chance to practice and reinforce your knowledge of all the Spanish numbers from 1 (uno) to 20 (veinte). Whether you're a beginner or looking for a refresher, this post will have you counting in Spanish with confidence!

Why learning the Spanish numbers is important

Learning the Spanish numbers is crucial for several reasons:

Basic Communication
Learning Spanish numbers is essential for basic communication in Spanish-speaking environments. Numbers play a vital role in telling your age, counting how many items you have, ordering in a restaurant, discussing prices, sharing phone numbers, among other situations.

Foundation for Advanced Skills
Mastery of numbers serves as a foundation for more complex language skills (such as learning math, dates, counting large quantities) which are important aspects of everyday life.

Cultural Appreciation and Enhanced Connections
Understanding Spanish numbers is a way of showing respect for the language and culture of Spanish-speaking communities. It helps bridge cultural gaps, making it an important skill for anyone interested in engaging with these diverse and vibrant cultures.

Spanish numbers with Spanish pronunciation

This list includes the Spanish number names, their English translations, and their approximate Spanish pronunciations.

  1. Uno - One (OO-noh)
  2. Dos - Two (dohs)
  3. Tres - Three (treh-s)
  4. Cuatro - Four (KWAH-troh)
  5. Cinco - Five (SEE-N-koh)
  6. Seis - Six (SEH-ees)
  7. Siete - Seven (SYEH-teh)
  8. Ocho - Eight (OH-choh)
  9. Nueve - Nine (NWEH-beh)
  10. Diez - Ten (thee-EHS)
  11. Once - Eleven (OHN-seh)
  12. Doce - Twelve (THOH-seh)
  13. Trece - Thirteen (TREH-seh)
  14. Catorce - Fourteen (kah-TOHR-seh)
  15. Quince - Fifteen (KEE-N-seh)
  16. Dieciséis - Sixteen (thee-eh-see-SEYS)
  17. Diecisiete - Seventeen (thee-eh-see-SYEH-teh)
  18. Dieciocho - Eighteen (thee-eh-see-OH-choh)
  19. Diecinueve - Nineteen (thee-eh-see-NWEH-beh)
  20. Veinte - Twenty (BEH-een-teh)

Spanish Numbers from 11 to 20

Count Spanish Numbers from 11 to 20 - Spanish for Kids

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Lyrics: 20 Monos (20 Monkeys) - Counting to 20 in Spanish

Aprendamos a contar del Once (11) al Veinte (20),
(Let's learn to count from Eleven to Twenty in Spanish).

¿Cuántos monos hay? (How many monkeys are there?)
Contemos primero del Uno (1) al Diez (10),
(First, let's count from One to Ten).

Uno (1), Dos (2), Tres (3), Cuatro (4) Monos,
Cinco (5), Seis (6), Siete (7) Monos,
Ocho (8), Nueve (9), Diez (10) Monos.

Hasta el veinte (to twenty)

Once (11), Doce (12), Trece (13) Monos,
Catorce (14), Quince (15) Monos,
Dieciséis (16), Diecisiete (17), Dieciocho (18) Monos,
Diecinueve (19), Veinte (20) Monos.

Sin parar (non-stop)

Once, Doce, Trece Monos,
Catorce, Quince Monos,
Dieciséis, Diecisiete, Dieciocho Monos,
Diecinueve, Veinte Monos.

De nuevo (again)

Once, Doce, Trece Monos,
Catorce, Quince Monos,
Dieciséis, Diecisiete, Dieciocho Monos,
Diecinueve, Veinte Monos.

Ahora contemos del uno al veinte (Now let's count from one to twenty)

Songwriter: Jesica Levi.


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