Free Printables to Learn Spanish - Spanish for Kids
Free Spanish Printables, Worksheets and Flashcards to Learn Spanish | Spanish for Kids

May 04, 2021

Download Free Printables and Worksheets to Learn Spanish! A great resource for Kids learning Spanish and for Spanish teachers to use in their Spanish classrooms!

Instagram Accounts with Great Tips for New Moms, Babies, Toddlers, Pregnancy, Kids Food & More!

September 02, 2020

Here's a list with some Instagram accounts that I love with awesome info & tips about parenting, pregnancy, tips for raising babies and toddlers, and food tips for kids too!

Kids Activities at Home to Avoid Screen Time
Kids Activities at Home to Avoid Screen Time: Ideas of Things to Do

May 23, 2020

Here are some activity ideas for kids to help prevent too much screen time when kids are at home.

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids: Activities to Do at Home

May 15, 2020

Here's a list of some Instagram accounts that have great Arts & Crafts Ideas for kids to do at home! You might find some inspiration from these IG accounts.

How to Explain Coronavirus to Kids: Storytelling Resources!

May 15, 2020

A short list of some great books that help explain the Coronavirus Pandemic to little kids! It's important to talk to them about what's happening around us. Storytelling can help you achieve that in a fun way!