Instagram Accounts with Great Tips for New Moms, Babies, Toddlers, Pregnancy, Kids Food & More!

September 02, 2020

Here's a list with some Instagram accounts that I love with awesome info & tips about parenting, pregnancy, tips for raising babies and toddlers, and food tips for kids too!

Instagram Accounts with Tips for Parenting, Pregnancy, Babies (Newborns) & Toddlers

Healthiest Baby

Pediatrician: Dr. Cathryn.
Good for: Baby's First Year.

SimplyWell Baby

Brooke: Pediatric NP
Good for: Baby & Toddler wellness.

Curious Parenting

Community resources.
Good for: tips for raising kids.

Mommy's Bundle

New Mom & Postpartum Community.
Good for: pregnancy tips & new moms.

Sharon Mazel

Sharon Mazel: Parent Expert, Parenting & Pregnancy Author.
Good for: postpartum, breastfeeding, and baby & toddler tips.

Big Little Feelings

Toddler experts.
Good for: Kids 1-5 years old, toddler tantrums advice. Lots of "avoid saying" and "try saying".

Transforming Toddlerhood

Devon: Toddler Parenting Expert.
Good for Parenting Tips.

Kids Food Ideas & Tips

Feeding Littles

Megan (Dietitian) & Judy (OT Feeding Therapist)
Awesome ideas and foodie tips for kids. Great Nutritional info.

Kids Eat in Color

Jennifer Anderson: MSPH (Master of Science in Public Health), RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist).
Great ideas to help kids eat food.

The Family Nutritionist

Alex Turnbull: Dietitian Mom.
Great kid meal strategies, snacks, portion sizes & more!

On My Kids Plate

Kristy: Cookbook author.
Lots of recipes ideas and creative smiley faces on food and that kind of stuff ;-)

Kid-Friendly Meals

BLW & Toddler Meals.
Baby & Toddler feeding tips.

Instagram Accounts in Spanish

Zona Mamá

Good for: Maternity, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding


Dr. Gretchen Borean: Pediatrician. Master in breastfeeding.
Good for maternity & foodie tips too.

Psico Infantil

Gabriela Acevedo: Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology.
Good for Parenting Tips.

Solo Para Mamá

Susana García.
Tips for Moms & Positivity.

I hope this was helpful :)




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