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Learn the Spanish Alphabet: Video, Lyrics, Info and FREE Printables

April 15, 2021

Learn the names of each letter in Spanish! Find out the different variations and why some letters were excluded from the alphabet. Learn the Spanish Alphabet with the educational video below by a Native Spanish Speaker. An adaptation of the traditional Alphabet Song (also known as the classic "ABC song").

Good to Know about the Spanish Alphabet

Spanish is a phonetic language. Spanish spelling is an exact reflection of how we pronounce what is written.

  • The vowels in Spanish have a pure, clear and short direct sound. They always sound the same!
  • The letter W is also called "doble ve" in some Hispanic countries and "uve doble" in Spain. More about it here.
  • The letters CH and LL were excluded from the Spanish ABC by the "Real Academia Española" because they consist of 2 letters each that are already included in the alphabet.
  • In Spain, V is called "uve" and W is called "uve doble".
  • The B in Spanish is also called "be larga" or "be grande" depending on the country.
  • The V in Spanish is also known as "uve", "ve corta", "ve chica" or "ve pequeña" depending on the country.
  • Some hispanic countries say "ye" to the letter Y.
  • In Spanish the H is always silent.
  • The B and V sound the same in Spanish (both sound with a "b" sound).
  • In Spain many pronounce the C & Z like the English "th" as in "thunder". In Latin America they pronounce them with the "s" sound (except in words where the "c" has the "k" sound).

Spanish Alphabet Song

Good for learning the name of each letter in Spanish!

Download Printable below!

ABC Song Lyrics

Hola amigos (hello friends),

¿Están listos para aprender el ABC?
Are you ready to learn the ABC?

A = a
B = be
C = ce
D = de
E = e
F = efe
G = ge
H = hache
I = i
J = jota.
K = ka
L = ele
M = eme
N = ene
Ñ = eñe
O = o
P = pe
Q = cu
R = erre
S = ese
T = te
U = u
V = ve (in Spain they call it "uve")
W = doble u (or "doble ve" or "uve doble")
X = equis
Y = i griega
Z = zeta

Ya conoces el ABC (now you know the ABC),

Escucha y repite, listen and repeat.


Gracias por cantar conmigo,
Thank you for singing with me.


Music arrangement: Jesica Levi.

Spanish Alphabet Letters - Spelling and Pronunciation - Spanish ABC

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